Majico Cannabis


Majico Cannabis is a WA state 502 Tier 3 producer/processor located in Eastern Washington.

Our premium strains include:

Grape Ape
Bubba Kush
Head Trip
Critical Mass
BCN Diesel
Grape Stomper OG
Good Medicine
Goji OG
Girl Scout Cookies
Tangerine Trainwreck
CBD Mango Haze
Jackpot Royale
MK Ultra
Plushberry x Beach Bum Haze
Plushberry x Sour Diesel
Space Dawg

All Majico cannabis is Clean Cannabis. No PESTICIDES or additives. Majico has 7 years Medical Marijuana Dispensary growing and processing background.

In addition to clean, top-shelf bud, Majico also produces and packages several other cannabis products.

For more information 509-995-3405.